SBCSC Construction Technology program giving students hands-on experience

NOW: SBCSC Construction Technology program giving students hands-on experience

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--Students attending high schools within the South Bend Community School Corporation aren't just building their futures and education, they’re building homes! 

That's what a group of South Bend Community School Corporation students are learning to do through a unique Technology Construction program.

In two years these teens and young adults learn everything from plumbing to landscaping!

It’s a 19,000 square foot, 4 bedroom, 2 bath house and it’s being built from the ground up by a group of 20 SBCSC high school students.

“They’re able to get all types of different skill levels. We’ll start with the framing that we’re doing right now and then we’ll go from roofing to insulation, electrical and plumbing. All the way through the landscaping, sod and irrigation at the end," said building trades instructor, Chris Elmerick.

Through the program, graduating students also have the opportunity to leave with almost a semesters worth of credits at Ivy Tech Community College,

90% of students have been able to be placed into a trade career through the program.

Clay High School senior and the program’s only female student, Samantha Zahl says, no matter what you do with your life, you can carry the skills you learn into the future.

“I really love this class honestly. It’s something that even if you don’t go into trades as a job you can always use it in your day to day life as an adult. If your plumbing breaks when you’re 30 with a family and you don’t have a grand to get a contractor and fix it, you can always do it yourself. Learning what we learn in this amazing classroom is something you can use later in life," said Zahl.

The home has already sold to a South Bend family.

Elmerick mentions the pandemic has slowed down construction, however, the house is still set to be finished by the end of the school year for the new homeowners to move in.

You can learn more about SBCSC Career and Technical Education Program here.

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