SBCSC school board decides not to cut teachers' aides for now

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Some SBCSC employees are breathing a sigh of relief. It looks like teacher’s aides' jobs are safe, for now.

"We’re trying not to touch major, have a major impact on the teach student relationship and those programs,” said SBCSC Superintendent Carole Schmidt. “These aide positions add to some of the opportunities that we're able to offer children."

The school board did decide that principals' contracts may be reduced by up to 10 days, and salaries may be adjusted.

However, the final decision will be up to Superintendent Carole Schmidt. The school board voted not to renew the contract of the executive director of student services. That move is expected to save the system more than $140,000.

The duties of that position will be reassigned. The district still needs to come up with $10 million.


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