SBPD responds to armed robbery and finds a misunderstanding instead

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--South Bend Police were called about an armed robbery at the Phillips 66 on Ewing Avenue and Ironwood Drive just before 2 a.m. Wednesday.

Dozens of officers responded from all over the city as they rushed to the intersection.

Several officers had guns drawn, even a K-9 Unit was called in and those inside were ordered to come out with their hands up.

As officers were arriving on the scene a second call came over the scanner and the dispatcher said the owner said it was just a joke, but police say it was more like a misunderstanding.

Lt. Steve Noonan with the SBPD said apparently a customer overheard a conversation between the clerk and another customer about the store being opened 24 hours a day, the the customer said something to the fact that you could have an armed robbery.

That's when police believe the customer who overheard the conversation took off and called 911 to report the store was being held up.  

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