Scholarships for students pursuing Criminal Justice studies

Anyone who is in college knows just how expensive it can be. Any type of financial assistance can help to offset that cost. That is why the Indiana Sheriff's Association created their scholarship fund.

This year about 40 students across the state of Indiana will be awarded a $500 scholarship.

“It’s one of the things that the state’s Sheriff’s Association feels pretty strongly about in terms of getting the next crop of applicants into the criminal justice system and having them have as well rounded and as complete an education as we can," said Bill Thompson, Assistant Chief with St. Joseph County Police Department.   

The scholarships are awarded to students committed to pursuing an education and career in the law enforcement field.

There have been several local winners the past couple years from the St. Joseph County Police Department.

Thompson said “It’s certainly nice and gratifying for us to be able to help a student along.”

Scholarships are available to a broad range of specializations too.

"It’s not just for traditional law enforcement positions, it’s not just police officers or correctional officers, it’s anything in the criminal justice system,” he said.

For a student who is hard at work trying to make ends meet, the extra money can be helpful.

“It’s something that means a lot to people who are struggling and in some cases trying to work their way through school and raise a family and do all the other things that folks do now,” said Thompson.

He said with the advancements in technology all across the field, it is crucial students further their education.

“It’s a really, really broad spectrum of applicant that we look for now in entry level positions and that kind of education is really instrumental in getting folks that leg up.”

The deadline to submit scholarship applications is April 1st. See the application for scholarship requirements.

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