Search continues for suspects after attempted abduction in Benton Harbor

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- Six girls are home safe tonight after getting away from four armed men who tried abducting them in Benton Harbor on Monday morning.

It was around 2:15 a.m. along Ogden Avenue in Benton Harbor.

Neighbors said six girls in their early teens were outside when it happened.

“The girls were walking up the street and the black car – the Chevy Impala – and the silver truck pulled up,” said Michael Clark, Benton Harbor Public Safety Deputy Director. “Some males got out, made contact with the girls. They were armed; tried to get the girls into the car or the truck and the girls were able to get away.”

The girls ran into a nearby home and were not injured, according to police.

The armed suspects drove off in their two vehicles.

“The Chevy Impala was black and also had a large dent on the rear driver’s side door,” Clark said.

The girls told police the Impala may have had an Indiana license plate with “OG43” on it.

“We still don’t know the plate on the truck, but we have been able to identify a make and model, which is a Ford F-150 with a silver toolbox in the back and a bed liner,” Clark said.

Police are asking for help to find the four men.

The Benton Harbor tip line is 269-927-0293 or Crime Stoppers is 1-800-342-STOP (7867).

Clark also said you should stay in a well-lit area if you’re out at night.

He also recommends walking with someone else and learning how to activate whichever emergency features your cellphone offers.

The early investigation shows Monday’s attempted abduction may be part of a bigger problem.

“There may be some linkage to a case in South Bend involving a black Impala where there was some gunfire and is related to some prostitution that’s going on in South Bend,” Clark said.

Clark said if you spot what you think is one of the suspects’ vehicles, report it, but do not approach it.

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