Search continues for suspects that killed 12 in Paris

The search continues for the suspects that shot and killed 12-people in Paris.

Paris dimmed it's lights on the Eiffel Tower in mourning the stunning act of terrorism the country faced Wednesday.

At the offices of the satirical paper “Charlie Hebdo,” 12 people were killed, which is not the first time the company was attacked for publishing cartoons of the Muslim prophet, Mohammad.

At the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, people gathered with the message, “We are not afraid,” standing in solidarity against the attacks intended to strike fear into commentators, comedians, and cartoonists that would dare to take on radical Islam.

One of the suspects turned himself in, but the Kouachi Brothers are still on the run after allegedly opening fire in the paper's offices, killing ten journalists and two police officers.

In the United States, several placers are now on heightened alert, although political satirists, like Sam Gross, say they are not backing down.

“When you tell a cartoonist not to do something, that's exactly what they will do.”

The remaining staff of the paper says they will publish one million copies this week, which is an increase of 3,000%.
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