Second Annual “Say Boo to Drugs” event information

NOW: Second Annual “Say Boo to Drugs” event information

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The 525 Foundation held a meeting on Wednesday to plan their Second Annual “Say Boo to Drugs” event that will take place on October 21 at Howard Park.

This organization is partnering with the DEA to help spread and distribute educational materials that will help prevent future cases of substance abuse.

“Opioid addiction does not discriminate. It doesn’t discriminate on age. It doesn’t discriminate on what part of the country you live in. Certainly it doesn’t discriminate on the amount of money you make every year or the color of your skin. Right now, we are seeing an influx of Opioids more than we have ever seen before,” said Chip Cooke, Assistant Special Agent of the DEA.

Plans for the event include having food trucks available for purchases and a free trick-or-treat opportunity for children while the organizers can educate the youth on the dangers of substance abuse.

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