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Lowe's in Benton Township issued Cease and Desist order

NOW: Lowe’s in Benton Township issued Cease and Desist order

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. – Police in Benton Township confirmed that they issued a Cease and Desist order Saturday against the Lowe’s store located in Benton Harbor, shutting down its Home and Garden Center. 

The order was issued after police say the store violated Michigan’s social distancing restrictions.

In Michigan, sections of Lowe’s are considered non-essential business.

Lowe’s complied with the order. The sections of the store outside of the Home and Garden Center remain open.

You are encouraged to order materials online and pick up your order at the store.

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Roger 56 days ago
Lowe's can always move products from their garden center indoors, except for live plants. There are ways around the order.
Seeds should be available for people wanting to start a garden. There are predictions of future food shortages.
MarvinZinn 56 days ago
ALL of this is unconstitutional! The coronavirus was issued by President Trump and continues grossly exaggerated for politics and marketing. No one in our country has any right to tell citizens they cannot live and operate by their own beliefs. I have learned how this functions from my work in 20 countries, but cannot believe it is allowed here.
I also have a lot of personal experience. I used to get the flu each year when I was vaccinated. After I stopped the vaccination I NEVER got the flu in 50 years! So if I happend to get the virus, I will NOT see any doctors, just take herbs (and avoid sugar and dairy products) that worked 100% of my experience.
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