Security detail for Hillary Clinton visit

Multiple law enforcement agencies go into securing Hillary Clinton’s safety.

It’s a last minute operation that involves plenty of planning in a short time.

St. Joseph County police say they have to do quite a bit of planning in a short time.

Multiple units from different agencies were stationed from the Elkhart Municipal Airport all the way to AM General in Mishawka.

No major blocks in traffic were announced during Clinton’s travels.

Chief Bill Thompson, of St. Joseph County police say campaign security is sometimes more difficult than planning for an incumbent visit.

“It’s a little bit different in the election and certainly he primary election season than it would be for someone sitting in high office. The number of folks that the secret service winds up having to guard is pretty high during primary season. So there’s a little bit different ways that the protection details come about,” Thompson said.

After AM General, Clinton boarded a plane for Philadelphia to watch the Pennsylvania primary results live.

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