Senator Donnelly on the campaign trail, knocking on doors

LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly is going door to door in order to spread his message to Hoosiers as part of the Indiana Democrats' Day of Action.

Senator Donnelly is canvasing communities for his campaign at the Tippecanoe County Democratic Party headquarters.

After speaking, Donnelly went knocking on doors to speak directly to Hoosier voters about how he plans to represent Hoosiers in Washington if he is reelected to another six years in the Senate.

During Sunday's Indiana Democratic Party's first 2018 Day of Action, Lafayette, Indiana Mayor Roswarski was also present.

Donnelly stated during his speech that, "“This is how we’re going to win in November – house by house, street by street, town by town. We’re going to win by reminding our friends and neighbors that our values are the ones that will lead to better jobs, better health care, and a more secure retirement, that we’ve got the back of the Hoosiers who are going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark; Thank you for all that you do, and thank you for helping spread that message today.”

Senator Donnelly is the sole Democratic candidate running for the Indiana Senate seat, but he does face stiff opposition from 4th District Representative Todd Rokita, 6th District Representative Luke Messer, and former member of the Indiana House of Representatives: Mike Braun.

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