Senator Todd Young and Representative Fred Upton speak on Bob Dole's passing

Indiana Senator Todd Young and Michigan Representative Fred Upton released a statement on the passing of former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole.

Dole served as the Republican Leader of the United States, the Senate Majority Leader, a Senator for Kansas, a Representative for Kansas, a Presidential Candidate, among many other roles in the Senate. Dole also was accredited as a war hero in World War II.   

Dole passed away on Sunday at the age of 98. In February, he was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer and was in treatment.

“One of the greats of the Greatest Generation, courageous in war, humble and civil in peace, Senator Bob Dole believed in the American people, our system, and our way of life. He spent a lifetime working through institutions to serve others, especially his fellow veterans. His life should remind us all that common decency and public virtue is not a hindrance to political success. May peace be with Mr. Dole’s family, and may Bob Dole – an authentic American Hero – forever rest in peace,” Senator Young said.

“I long for the respected and “class” days of Bob Dole and know he was mighty frustrated with the chaos of the current Congress. As a White House staffer, I worked out of his Capitol office for years and witnessed firsthand his leadership to get things done with both sides of the aisle. As a prominent member of the Greatest Generation, he used every fiber of his body to help those who served. His enduring love for our country served as an inspiration for those of us who were fortunate to witness his true character,” Representative Upton said.

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