Seniors enjoy picnic during Best Week Ever

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- As part of South Bend's Best Week Ever, a group of seniors got to go to the best picnic ever.

Wednesday was the 56th Annual Senior Citizens Picnic at Potawatomi Park.

It's put on by South Bend Venues, Parks, and Arts and Real Services.

It was a chance for folks to get outside and get some sun.

"They love it they look forward to it, it's something that you're getting out into the park when they normally wouldn't do that. Most of them are transported here, they don't get a drive, so it's just nice that they get to come out and enjoy the beautiful weather at the park,” said Rose Kaufman, Director of Howard Park Recreation Center.

Lunch was followed by bingo all thanks to donations made to help cover the cost of the meals.

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