Several convenience stores robbed of propane tanks in South Bend

NOW: Several convenience stores robbed of propane tanks in South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- At least three South Bend businesses have had dozens of their propane tanks stolen in a series of thefts in the past week. 

At a Phillips 66 gas station on Sample Street, two men stole over twenty tanks-- but were caught on camera. 

In the video, one man can be seen cutting the lock off of the door to the cage holding the tanks using a power saw, before he and his partner loaded them up into a pickup truck- painted either red or orange with black trim near the bottom. 

This is not an isolated incident- a Marathon gas station on Western Avenue was robbed of over thirty propane tanks, and most recently, the Dollar General on Lincolnway West has been hit. 

Both cages holding the propane tanks show signs of their doors being cut open with some kind of saw-- though police have not yet linked all the cases. 

A motive is also unclear. Some neighbors telling ABC57 that they might be reselling them. However, propane tanks have also been used in meth labs and to make bombs, though until the police arrest the suspects, its currently unknown why so many have been stolen. 

Michiana Crime Stoppers is urging anyone with information to reach out to their hotline at 574-288-STOP. 

Anonymous tips can be submitted online at

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