Severe weather becomes more probable during the month of June

NOW: Severe weather becomes more probable during the month of June

Yesterday afternoon severe storms, that produced a few tornadoes, occurred in Kansas and Nebraska. The SPC had a moderate risk in effect, which is a 4/5 on the threat tracker. In total, there were 25 tornado reports and 141 hail reports. Those storms will move further to the south and east today bringing more chances for the same weather. 

As we talk more about severe weather this time of year, it is important to note when we typically see our higher chances for storms here in Michiana. One thing we look at is the shift of storm ingredients. Storm ingredients include; moisture, lift, instability, and shear. These ingredients come together more frequently in the central and southern plains, as well as Dixie Ally. When we move into late May through early July the concoction for storms moves a little closer to us here in Michiana.

If your a storm lover then you are in luck, June looks to be a little more promising with better chances for storm development. Speaking of storms this morning, when was the last time an EF-5 tornado was confirmed in the United States? The answer is 8 years. The last EF-5 tornado was May 20th 2013 in Moore, Oklahoma. 

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