Severe weather clean up starts in the South and Midwest

Cleanup is underway across the South and Midwest thanks to yesterday's rash of severe weather.

At least 20 tornadoes hit seven states and 13 people are dead.

Six of those deaths were in Harrisburg, Illinois where storms produced some of the strongest twisters in the state's history.

Harrisburg's mayor, Eric Gregg said his town will recover.

Greg also said, "This hits us right in the heart. But I'll tell you, we will come back, we will do what we have to do. We're a very resilient community."

The storms created 170 mile-per-hour winds and carved a path nearly sever miles wide in Harrisburg.

It was certainly a busy end to February.

The National Weather Service said there were 300 reports of extreme weather in a 36-hour period and more severe weather is expected on Friday.


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