Shooting at Goshen home leaves two people dead, neighbors react

NOW: Shooting at Goshen home leaves two people dead, neighbors react

GOSHEN, Ind. --- Two people are dead after a shooting at a home on Rosemare Drive in Goshen on Saturday afternoon. Police confirmed that five people in total were shot. Two died and three were severely injured.

Neighbors tell me that this is not typical behavior for their neighborhood, in fact a shooting like this hasn't happened in decades.

“Nothing ever happens in this area, it’s nice and quiet," says a nearby neighbor, Thomas Clark.

Residents are in shock after their normally quiet streets flooded with cop car and first responders Saturday afternoon, when the house a couple doors down became the scene of a five -person shooting.

“My wife looked out the window and she said she saw somebody walking down the sidewalk with somebody over their shoulder, and my step-son gets up, opens the door to see what’s going on and he asked, ‘are you okay?,'" recalls Clark. The police officer said ‘get back in your house please sir,' and so, we knew something serious was going on.”

“Ambulances came, there was like a fire engine down there for a little bit," describes Zackary Willburn, another neighbor. "A bunch of cop cars, like a bunch, and a few more ambulances, like at least eight ambulances.”

Neighbors say they haven't seen crime like this happen in the neighborhood, as well as the city of Goshen in just over two decades.

“The last time I was even involved in violence like this, I lived literally a few doors that way and we had our shooting across the street over here at Noelwood," Clark says. “And that was literally about 21 years ago, so that was the last time there was really any violence of anything to speak of in Goshen.”

Police suspect that the shooting was targeted, but it still makes neighbors worry with the overall rise in gun violence across Michiana.

“We don’t normally lock our doors, but we’re going to start locking it now," Clark says.

“I’m strongly considering heading over to one of the gun shops or ordering something to get some personal home protection, just to make me feel better," says Willburn.

Elkhart County Homicide was not able to make a statement at this time; they say that more details of the shooting are expected to be released on Monday.

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