Walorski defeats Hall in 2nd Congressional District race

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --Incumbent Congresswoman Jackie Walorski has been re-elected to the 2nd Congressional District. She defeated Democrat Mel Hall.

One ABC poll projected Congresswoman Walorski had a 29 in 30 chance of taking down her democratic challenger.

Leading up to this midterm election, voters have seen attack ads on both sides.

Congresswoman Walorski has said Mel Hall is a D.C. insider who's not in touch with Hoosiers, while Hall fires back saying Walorski has been absent during this past term and not readily available for her constituents. 

Voters say they want a representative who thinks of them first.

"Do whatever needs to be done in our community. you have to have a heart for people and get it done. that's what i think. so if you don't vote, you don't need to talk. you don't need to say anything, so it's privilege," said Carole Barnes, a registered voter who has been going to the polls every year for the past five decades.

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