Small business specializes in positivity during pandemic

NOW: Small business specializes in positivity during pandemic

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- It’s fun by the yard that anyone on the block will notice - especially during the growing coronavirus outbreak.

In fact, “Fun by The Yard” is the name of Jennifer Nyikos’s business in which she decorates and builds yards with balloon displays.

Maria Stancati got an idea for Nyikos to put a message on her lawn.
“I live on a highway and hundreds of cars pass by my house, and I saw one she did and I was like ‘Put that in my yard!’ Stancati said.
“It said ‘wash your hands.’ It just made people smile, and that’s what we should be doing now.”

Nyikos said it’s all done by a one-woman band, too.

“I didn’t do this in just my yard,” Nyikos said.
“I did it all over the Michiana area. So they’re able to not only look out the window and see it, but just know there is hope and faith and love in that hopefully this will come to an end soon.”

Especially in an age of keeping social distance, this decorator said positivity is needed now more than ever.

“If I can do it and somebody else smiles, that spreads a smile to somebody else, and it’s contagious,” Nyikos said.
“So our goal is to make smiles more contagious than the virus.”

You can reach out to Fun by The Yard here and also connect via Facebook.

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