Smart Car Manufacturer comes to Mishawaka

NOW: Smart Car Manufacturer comes to Mishawaka


SF motors will be building what they call intelligent electric cars at the former AM general plant

Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood says he is happy with the news of manufacturing coming to Mishawaka

Mayor Wood says this will be good for not only Mishawaka but all of Michiana

“It’s a smart electric vehicle build from the ground up with the natural partnership between the united states and china on this – we think that – that opens the door for an awful lot of opportunities here and not just in Mishawaka but the whole northern Indiana region” says Wood

Congresswoman Walorski, Senator Joe Donnelly, and Vice President Mike pence all wrote letters showing their support for the location s-f motors is choosing.

Mayor Wood says this won’t cost Mishawaka anything because financial incentives were not provided to SF motors

“This new partnership has happened and we know of no incentives that they are asking for either. So the fact that they’re coming in here – providing employment to a great workforce then producing a great cutting edge vehicle and not asking for incentives says a lot about them” says Wood

The current workforce will be maintained when the Smart cars begin to be assembled and the prediction is that more workers will be added in the future.

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