Smoke free organization disappointed council rejected smoking ban

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Monday's decision to continue allowing smoking in bars and private businesses throughout South Bend was a huge blow to members of Smoke-Free St. Joe.  

"Essentially it's to save lives, so many of these employees are not protected with rights like other businesses," says Karl Nichols of Smoke-Free St. Joe.  

Despite their plea to city leaders to keep cigarettes and second hand smoke out of South Bend bars, their passion didn't amount to a victory.  

Both the Public Safety Committee and then the full council rejected the smoking ban. In the council, the vote was 5-4.

"We know South Bend Council made their decision to not make our city healthier to work, live and play," says Nichols.  

The Smoke-Free Saint Joe group hopes the city will one day adopt the smoking ban.

Even though the ordinance was rejected, the group can try again at any time to get the smoking ban passed.

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