Snowy, windy and colder, Saturday

The winter weather will be at it's worse from midnight to noon, Saturday. The combination of snow, wind and cold will make for adverse, dangerous driving conditions. The snow will finally start to stick as temperatures fall into the 20s. Wind gust will top 40 mph and will cause low visibility, possibly power outages. There is the potential for six inches of snow form US-20 in Indiana, northward across southwest Michigan, through 6:00 p.m. Saturday. With additional lake effect snow through Sunday. Ther will be a sharp cut-off, south of US-6. 

Dangerous cold is in the forecast with single digit highs, lows subzero and a wind chill as low at -20, Sunday through Tuesday. The temperatures slowly rise the rest of next, but it's still very cold. Frostbite, hypothermia are a risk.  

Tonight: Snow and wind. Low 30. 

Saturday: Snow and wind. Temperatures fall from 28.

Sunday: Bitter Cold. Lake effect snow showers. High 8.

MLK JR Day / Monday: Frigid. Light Snow. High 4. 

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