Solution for eyesore property in St. Joseph, Michigan

NOW: Solution for eyesore property in St. Joseph, Michigan


ST. JOSEPH, Mich – A problem house in St. Joseph, Michigan may finally be gone from the neighborhood soon. 

The house on the corner of Niles and Hoyt has been known in the area as the “tarp house” due to its dilapidated conditions and the tarp that hangs on the roof. 

“It’s decreasing the value of the surrounding homes and it’s unsafe,” neighbor Annie Fulmer said. 

The home has been in litigation with the city since early 2017.

The home has half of the room missing, has failed numerous inspections and has sat vacant for years. 

“There are some children that live in the area and they’ve had some ladders out or an extended period of time which isn’t safe not to mention you can hear the tarp flapping in the wind all the time,” Fulmer said. 

The city has received a judgement from Michigan court’s ruling that the owner has until Thursday to demolish the home. 

“The property owner has until tomorrow to have the home demolished and that has not happened, there hasn’t been anything started at this point in time,” St. Joseph City Attorney Laurie Schmidt said. 

The city said if the owner doesn’t comply they will begin the process of getting the home demolished then bill the owner or place a lien on the home if the charges are not paid. 

“I anticipate that the house will no longer be there a year from now and that we would have the demolition complete. 

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