Soup Kitchen praying for 'Bulldog's' return

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. - A Thanksgiving feast is missing one this year. Timothy Allen, better known as ‘Bulldog’, has been missing since November 9th. Helicopters and boats have been searching Benton Harbor for two weeks and so far nothing has turned up. At The Soup Kitchen on Wall Street prayers are going out for his safe return.

Every day meals are served here at The Soup Kitchen and 44-year-old ‘Bulldog’ was a mainstay. Everyone knew him he showed up for meals everyday before his disappearance. This Thanksgiving is the first anyone can remember ‘Bulldog’ missing.

Allen is a local boxing legend he was last seen at the Napier Street Bridge in Saint Joseph. So far a massive search effort by the Benton Harbor Police Department has been unsuccessful.
The uncertainty has been tough on the kitchen.  
 “We all miss him wherever he’s at. We hope he comes back,” said Alvin Favorite. “If you notice we’re like family in here. It’s like one of ours is gone,” said Sandra Rush.
Anyone with information about ‘Bulldog’s’ whereabouts are asked to contact the Benton Harbor Police Department.

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