South Bend archery business sees increase in sales

NOW: South Bend archery business sees increase in sales


SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Michiana Archery in South Bend says that sales have never been better, and they believe that COVID-19 could be responsible for an increase in hunting.

Henry Schacht, the Owner of Michiana Archery, spoke to ABC57 about the recent economic upturn for his business and what an increase in hunting could be indicating.

“I mean, we’ve never had a better year either online or here in the store,” Schacht said. “I do think whether it’s the perception of the disruption to the food chain […] there’s a lot of interest, new interest in hunting.”

Schacht went on to say that he thinks COVID-19 also plays a part in the increased interest in hunting.

“I definitely think the coronavirus has something to do with that,” Schacht said, “whether it’s families realizing they want to get out and do something still together as a family, or on the hunting side people that want to be a little bit more self-sufficient for where they get their food from.”

Michiana Archery also issues hunting licenses for their customers.

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