South Bend bars prep for St. Patrick's Day

It’s the calm before the storm, a perfect storm of beer, warm weather and college basketball.

Bar owners all around the city are gearing up for a very busy St. Patrick’s Day.

And interested eyes on March Madness is set to bring in even more customers to local spots.

Several bar owners say they’re bringing in a full staff to accommodate the rush of customers looking to join in on Thursday’s Irish festivities.

“it’s a holiday just like new year but it’s Irish,” said Patrick Mulligan, Owner of Mulligans.

South Bend bars are confident the Irish spirit will bring folks out to celebrate the holiday.

 “You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate it, everyone’s going to have a blast,” said Mulligan.

Bars like Mulligans and The Linebacker will benefit from a boost in customers thanks to Notre Dame’s close campus.

“The only thing that would be better would be the [Notre Dame’s] men and the women basketball team playing tomorrow, that’ll be the only thing to make it better,” said Greg Delinski, General Manager of The Linebacker.

And while the home team doesn’t take the court until Friday, Thursday’s match-ups will still bring folks out to the bars.

“I’ll go to the linebacker, and get out to a couple other places, and watch all the games,” said customer David Elke.

Bar owners say most patrons will dive into the drinks.

“From Guinness to Bushmills to Jameson,” said Delinski.

But it’s the seasonal hot dishes that’ll keep folks full.

“A ton of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes and corned beef breakfast burritos in the morning for $2,” said Mulligan.

Basketball, beer and beef: a perfect storm for a packed St. Patrick's Day.

“What I think it’s all about for a lot of people,” said Elke.

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