South Bend Civic Theatre to require proof of vaccination for indoor shows

NOW: South Bend Civic Theatre to require proof of vaccination for indoor shows

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind, --Starting on September 10, the South Bend Civic Theatre will require proof of vaccination for anyone wanting to watch a performance inside the theatre.

Aaron Nichols, the executive director at the South Bend Civic Theatre said they've decided to use Broadway as guidance, for its new COVID policy.

“That person who has been vaccinated and was like, I’m safe, but I don’t know about the people on my right and left shoulder. Now they will know to have the confidence that those people are vaccinated as well,” Nichols said.

When it comes to performances outside, officials with the Civic Theatre encourage guests to mask up. But, once shows are back inside the theatre, safety is their number one priority.

That is why they just announced on Facebook their new COVID-19 policy for their upcoming indoor shows.

"Give everyone as much confidence as we possibly can. That, them coming to see a civic performance, they’re going to be safe," Nichols said.

Starting September 10, guests 12 and older will need to be masked and vaccinated. Everyone will receive temperature checks before they get seated and if your temperature is over 100.4 you won’t be allowed inside the theatre, and you will get a refund. Kids younger than 12 years old just need to wear a mask and get their temperature checked.

“We had to kind of make those determinations of where do you set the limit, what exceptions do you make, and of course we are going to be making exceptions for both health concerns and religious convictions,” Nichols said.

For guests who have health concerns or religious exemption Nichols said they'll need to show proof of a negative COVID test that's been taken 72 hours before a performance.

People attending an outdoor performance of the show “Cry it Out” said they agree with the direction the Civic Theatre is going.

“I think that it’s very important, and we support it entirely,” Harry Alfrey said and Marlon Deleon said, “They're putting a foot in the ground, they’re taking their stand on it. And I think it’s a great move for that."

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