South Bend Common Council member Henry Davis Jr releases statement

Eight members of the South Bend Common Council issued a statement about the death of George Floyd. Council member Henry Davis Jr sent his own statement explaining the changes he would like to see in our community.

I appreciate my colleagues and their statement of empathy for George Floyd. However, there are many victims of police abuse and some reside in South Bend. I am not a signatory on the statement because I believe this moment requires more than a statement. We are lawmakers. I believe that our Common Council can legislate for transformation. Our empathy should guide our efforts to create and pass strong ordinances that provide safe communities for Black citizens. We are lawmakers and have the authority to improve unjust, inequitable, and unfair conditions. With that being said, I hope that their statement is a catalyst for the passage of a long sought after Citizens Review Board, our thorough review of the police budget, and stronger community oversight of the police collective bargaining agreement. We are lawmakers and I stand willing to work with my fellow lawmakers on legislation.

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