South Bend Common Council pushes for new neighborhood funding

NOW: South Bend Common Council pushes for new neighborhood funding

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - South Bend's Common Council wants neighborhood infrastructure funding in the city to get a new look. At a meeting Monday night the body passed a resolution urging the city administration use Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District money to fund repairs to neighborhood sidewalks, streets and streetlights.

"What it is is encourage the administration to use the TIF funds where TIF districts have residential areas," said Common Council President Tim Scott.

According to council members, TIF funds have been traditionally used for downtown development, whereas infrastructure funding has traditionally come from the city's Street Department's budget.

Some council members believe that should change in South Bend.

"The neighborhoods, the suffering that's been created with the lack of investment into our neighborhoods, the school corporation the districts," said second district councilman Henry Davis, Jr. "There's so many other things that are not being paid attention to because we want to make downtown look great, and we want downtown to look great, but we don't want the other areas to be neglected either."

The Common Council passed the resolution, but that does not mean the transfer of TIF money is ready to begin.

The resolution simply puts forth the recommendation to the mayor's office and the city redevelopment commission to use TIF funds in that manner.

Once they agree, then the transfer will happen.

Council President Tim Scott said there will be a give and take in regards to some projects in the city getting less funding in favor of neighborhood projects, but said that change would come "in increments over the next year."

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