South Bend Common Council sets 2022 city budget

NOW: South Bend Common Council sets 2022 city budget

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- The South Bend Common Council gathered together Monday evening to discuss how the city plans on spending the almost fifty-million dollars received from the American Rescue Plan act as part of its 2022 budget.

Some activists and councilmembers wanted a more detailed spending plan for ARP money which they requested more details on before voting, which was passed by the council Monday evening.

“I’m here to make sure that we have the results for our residents that need it the most," said Henry Davis Jr., South Bend Common Council Member.

South Bend City Controller Daniel Parker showed how the proposed budget includes geographically targeted programs like improvements to the Dream Center, pre-k centers in the Northwest side of the city, and street walks.

“We don’t really program based on council district that’s not really what we look at. We look at where the need is and we try and match where the need is that residents have with the dollars that we have. But, there is investment across the city: West side, East side, North side, South side," said Parker.

Shared the plan actually exceeds the total amount of funds available - with the majority of them going to water and wastewater management.

“Those are planned capital expenditures. We budget all of them in one year, but they don’t occur all in one year. These are things that take a long period of time to get going. These are multi-year projects and so that money will be spent over the upcoming few years," said Parker.

The budget will continue to be updated ahead of next year based on city needs. We’ll continue to follow the budget and provide any updates both on air and online.

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