South Bend Common Council supports decision to cancel January 23 meeting

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Members of the South Bend Common Council issued a response Tuesday to address the cancellation of Monday's Common Council Meeting, denouncing City Clerk Dawn Jones's decision to host a press conference on the matter.  

The response was signed by Vice President Sheila Niezgodski, Committee of the Whole Canneth Lee, At Large Rachel Tomas Morgan, and Fourth District councilman Troy Warner.

The council members said they support President Sharon McBride's choice to postpone the meeting and criticized Jones's "attempts to ignore and deflect her inability to do her job and follow the law by instead holding a politically divisive and inflammatory press conference."

In the statement, council members also said Jones has no authority in Council business and that, in the last few weeks, Jones has tried numerous times to violate State law and City ordinances to further her political agenda.

"The council members said cancelling the meeting had nothing to do with the Reparatory Justice bill. We reiterate that the decision to postpone the meeting had nothing to do with the Reparatory Justice bill and any accusations that it did are strictly political theatre. The decision to postpone Monday’s meetings was the correct decision and we support following the law. Council President McBride is working on rescheduling the meeting and the Reparatory Justice bill will be heard when the Clerk can properly follow Council procedures and the law."

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