South Bend group aims to keep crime out of Fremont Park

A group of South Bend residents are taking back their community.

A year after a deadly shooting shook up Fremont Park, a group of residents are providing positive activities to help neighbors feel safe again.

It was fear that changed the perception of this neighborhood after a teen was shot and killed last summer.

But community organizers say they’re not going to let fear keep them out of the park any longer.

A mound of relics filled with emotions and memories sat at the bottom of a tree in Fremont Park.

“Just by looking at this every single day it brings back memories every time for him,” said resident Marshall Graham.

Graham’s brother, Cornell Taylor, was shot in killed last summer.

It was another incident that turned the community away from the park.

Friday, several kids were back at the park braving the chilly weather with warm company.

“We’re not going to accept anything less than peace and positivity in this area and if you’re not going to be about that, we don’t even want you here,” said Lisa Chavers of The Fremont Youth Foundation.

Chavers says Fremont Youth Foundation's core value is to give back to the community in a positive way.

So they're giving back to elementary school students.

“I’m like hey we got tons of books in the basement still, why can’t we just capitalize on having a reading circle,” said Chavers.

And they're giving families of victims the power to take back their communities.

“In order for us to express this to the families and give them support continuously is to make their negative situation a positive,” she said.

So while this memorial of a tragedy is just feet away from their peace circle, this group will continue to fight for the right to live in peace.

“I’m going to stand with my youth today, because they’re screaming it, they need help,” said Chavers.

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