South Bend home damaged by overnight storms

NOW: South Bend home damaged by overnight storms

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Severe overnight storms left one South Bend family with serious damage to clean up Sunday morning.

London Weekly, who lives in the River Park home, said his family of four was woken up by a loud noise that sounded like a car collision.

“We were sleep and all of the sudden we here a big thunder noise,” he said. “I thought it was a thunderstorm but when I came out this morning looked on the side of my house I see this.”

Limbs from the branch of a nearby tree scattered all over the lawn. A whole branch fell down on to the house during Saturday night’s storm ripping the home’s gutters off their hinges.

Trashana Fenneesee said there’s damage on the left side of the home, in the front, and possibly on the roof.

“We don’t know how damaged it is on top we still have branches that we couldn’t get to to get down,” she said.

The couple said this isn’t the first time their home has been damaged by severe storms. There have been two other instances where a storm has damaged their home.

“I’m blessed that it wasn’t worse than what it is,” Fenneesee said. “You know it wasn’t the whole tree, considering this is the second time third time that this has happened, but you know this is the worst damage that’s happened.”

The couple has notified their landlord of the situation, who said he is working on getting a crew out to their house to fix what’s broken.

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