South Bend Housing Authority facing downsizing, budget cuts

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- It will be a rough new year for over a dozen people at the South Bend Housing Authority.  They received letters from the Housing Authority that outlines a new round of layoffs.

Employees got the letter on New Year's Eve, and it has language like "please consider this letter your 30 day notice." 

Director Lee Byers says the housing authority plans to lay off about 15 people, outsource some existing jobs, and cut wages.  

The cuts are because of budget cuts and new management rules handed down by the federal government.  

Job titles like Director of Operations, Manager of Planning and Development, Administrator of Grants and Agency Development, Facilities Warehouse Clerk, and Central Maintenance will no longer exist.  

There will also no longer be an Assistant Manager in Section 8.

And the maintenance department will face cuts as well.  

Right now there are 18 positions that will be cut down to 13.  

Workers in maintenance will be laid off within the next 30 days, forced to re-apply for their jobs with adjusted wages.  

The Housing Authority has until the end of January to notify employees of whether or not they will still have a job.

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