South Bend man arrested for Child Molestation

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The father who ran off after bullets hit his car on Wednesday’s drive by shooting is now in police custody.

Raymond Dunlap, 36, was in his car at the 600 block of South 30th Street when shots were fired.

According to South Bend Police, Dunlap got out of his car and chased the dark colored SUV that the bullets flew from.

Dunlap’s 4-year-old daughter was in the back seat.

Once he arrived back at the scene, SBPD arrested Dunlap and booked him into the St. Joseph County Jail for Vandalism and breaking items inside of a home.

Those charges were dropped Thursday morning. But Dunlap remains in jail on a Child Molestation charge.

Officials are investigating Dunlap and will release information on his Child Molestation in the future.

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