South Bend man creates Facebook group to help first responders, essential employees

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - As confirmed cases continue to rise in St. Joseph County, one man decided to do something for the people behind the scenes helping out.

His name is Kyle Miller and he created a Facebook page called “South Bend Helps” to provide a platform for first responders and essential employees to connect with community members about what kind of resources they need.

“Essential employees, first responders, those people are going to be asked to sacrifice, they’re going to spend all their waking hours at work trying to help sick people, trying to keep our society running and they are going to need help with other things in their life, other responsibilities other commitments that they had to put on the backburner,” Kyle Miller said. “That was kind of the idea of what ordinary people can do to help them.”

Miller said the group is dedicated to finding out what those on the front lines need and how the community can help.

This can be something as simple as delivering food to emergency room staffers or even helping a paramedic do yard work.

Miller hopes the platform inspires people to take care of each other and pay it forward.

“Realizing this could be a really huge problem in South Bend, I just wanted to do something to help possibly. Something good for the community,” Miller said.

If you want to join the group, it’s “South Bend Helps” and it’s a public group so it’s easy to join.

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