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South Bend Mayor extends travel advisory

South Bend Mayor James Mueller has extended the local travel "watch" advisory which limits non-essential travel until May 11 in an effort to try to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“It’s important that we take action to minimize the spread of COVID-19 locally, especially until the state’s new testing and contact tracing capacity are in place,” said Mayor James Mueller. “Please limit non-essential travel until we have those additional resources working in our community. South Bend does not operate on an island. With the rest of our region moving forward, we now need to turn our focus to limiting the next surge of infections while rebuilding our economy. Our success will depend on our residents continuing to follow CDC advice and taking personal responsibilities seriously.”

Residents can travel for essential functions, which includes:

  • Travel to and from work
  • Going to the grocery store
  • Picking up a prescription
  • Going to the doctor’s office
  • Travel to the bank
  • Going to court
  • Taking children to childcare
  • Going to and from restaurants
  • Travel to obtain essential household goods, including cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products
  • Conducting physically-distant outdoor activities
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MX 30 days ago
Nope. I continue to live my life. You will not dictate my actions. I can travel wherever and whenever as I see fit. I am a free American. I will defend my freedom with my life. PERIOD.
Chad 30 days ago
ill bet he will keep everything closed as long as possible to continue the democrats plan to spread fear to do mail in voting
James Chad 30 days ago
It's all about the hate your spewing, Trunp loving democrat hater. Nov. is just around the corner, Why do you hate democrats so much? Are you afraid of real freedom? Republican's are now the party of death, over there money. 60,000 and counting its mass murder.
MX James 30 days ago
Real freedom?! WHAT?!?! Take a trip up to Michigan and let me know if that feels like freedom to you. Republicans caused covid? Also, your 60k number was just updated by the CDC to 38k, oh, yeah, pneumonia is at 66k, far outpacing covid. How many lives are being destroyed by this lockdown? Michigan just setup a suicide texting hotline. You go ahead and stay on house arrest, be a good little subject and obey. You can't handle freedom. You're afraid of it. You want yourself, and everyone else, to be told what to do. Stay in and hide. Coward. Keep making up excuses and false statistics.
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