South Bend Police looking for a window creep

NOW: South Bend Police looking for a window creep


SOUTH BEND, Ind -- South Bend Police are looking for a man after he apparently committed a sex act in front of a 10-month-old baby and wrote a message with profanity on the bedroom window. 

This happened blocks away from Pierre Navarre Middle School on the corner of Birchwood Ave and Meadow Ln.

The 10-month-old's father, Elijah Clark, said the incident happened on Thursday around 1:30 a.m.

Clark said he kept seeing the baby look up towards the window.

“He kept just looking over there I finally turned around and heard tapping on the window,” said Clark.

Once Clark turned around he says he saw a man outside of his window with a sex toy in his hand doing a sexual act with it.

The suspect wrote a profane message on the window and apparently took off running when he was spotted.

He is described to be a tall, skinny man with dreads past his shoulders.

When Clark saw the man outside his window, his fatherly instincts kicked in.

“I ran outside and I see him down by the park. He jumped over two fences and ran down to the end street right, that’s how he got away,” says Clark

When Clark returned back home, he saw that his window curtain was ripped and the suspect left a message on the window so profane that we can’t fully tell you what it says.

When the family first moved into the home, the same suspect wrote another message on the front of the house which has since been painted over.

“I see him all the time, he walks up and down this street all the time I left it alone,” says Clark.

Clark says this is not the first time he has seen this man. He has seen him at the nearest gas station and also walking up and down the streets in the neighborhood.

This case is currently under investigation with the South Bend Police. If you know the man described or know about his whereabouts, you should contact SBPD.

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