South Bend police respond to a fight at house party

NOW: South Bend police respond to a fight at house party


SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Police were called to the scene of a house party on Adams St. in South Bend where a fight broke out. It is alleged that shots were fired at officers.

One witness, who wants to remain anonymous, recalls what happened.

“Everybody was leaving and the next thing we hear is gunshots,” he said. “All the cops are down here. The shots are coming from that way. When they started shooting from that way, bullets are whistling past people’s heads. Everyone is just trying to make sure everyone is okay. Just get in the house. Really that’s all. We knew they were shooting at the cops.”

It is unclear if anyone has been caught, or if police know who did it.

It is alleged that the incident could be gang related.

The South Bend Police Department has yet to confirm those details, but according to police logs, there was an aggravated assault at Adams St. and a South Bend officer is listed as the victim.

This all happened around 1:30 a.m. this morning.

Police were responding to reports of gun violence throughout the morning.

It is confirmed that 6 shots-fired incidents from overnight, including the shooting at Kelly’s Pub and the incident on Adams St.

Police are investigating gun violence on Studebaker, Vasser, Keller and College Streets.

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