South Bend Police unveil new recruitment tool

NOW: South Bend Police unveil new recruitment tool


South Bend Police are taking a different approach to get the attention of potential new recruits.

"We have a number of vacancies that we’d like to fill," said Lieutenant Gene Eyster.

They are working to recruit new officers, but didn't want to take the easy way out to get your attention.

“We felt as though there were some things that we could do that were a little more innovative and things that would be a little more eye-catching," said Eyster.
Eyster says a lot of officers have moved up leaving several positions open.

“The attraction to police and law enforcement isn’t what it really used to be. You’ve had the scenarios that transpired in Seattle, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio where officers have just been targeted for the mere reason that they wear a uniform. That’s turned a few people away from law enforcement," said Eyster.

He’s using the squad car to take the message into the community.

"We think we’ve got a lot to offer a lot of people. We’re a department that’s big enough that we have different branches and different fields of expertise, but we’re small enough that we’re still a family," said Eyster.

If you're interested in working for the police department - he says their door is always open.

“Get a hold of us, come down, let us give you the true answers, the facts, the figures," Eyster said.

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