South Bend Police wiretapping case will move forward in state court

NOW: South Bend Police wiretapping case will move forward in state court


City officials say they are one step closer to a resolution in the South Bend Police tapes scandal.

An appeals court vacated the federal court's previous decision that some of the recordings violated the federal Wiretap Act, which would have made it illegal to release them.

Going forward, the case will be moved to state court, ending the federal phase of the matter.

According to the lawsuit, recorded telephone calls from 2011 include troubling and inappropriate conversations between city police officers.

While the city council is fighting for the release of the calls, the legality of recording them in the first place is in question.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg released this statement:

“Today’s ruling moves us one step closer to resolving this controversy. In the days ahead I will be discussing possible ways forward with Council leadership as we seek to address this matter in a lawful fashion."

Statement from South Bend City Councilman Oliver Davis:

"South Bend City Councilman Oliver Davis shared that the South Bend Common Council has been made aware of this decision from the United States Courts of Appeals for the 7th Circuit and are now waiting upon the advice from our South Bend Common Council Attorney, Bob Palmer."

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