South Bend reacts to Mayor Pete's withdrawal from DNC chair race

While Tom Perez is celebrating his new chairmanship of the DNC, many folks in South Bend are surprised that their mayor isn’t the new face of the committee.

“Today was the day that everybody woke up with the big question, what’s going to happen?” said South Bend Common Council Vice President Oliver Davis.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the so-called ‘dark horse’ of the DNC chair race, withdrew Saturday morning.

Councilman Oliver Davis had a one-worded reaction: “Wow.”

“We’re disappointed. We really liked him. He had a lot of charisma we thought,” said Notre Dame student Christina Allende.

“Mayor Pete bowing out is good news for people who believe Trump is a good president,” said Independent Conservative and Mishawaka resident, Ed Joyce.

Councilman Davis says just Mayor Pete’s campaign is a victory for South Bend.

“He did not win the race, but he really put us on the map. He really won a lot of hearts, not only in the city of South Bend, but across our state and across this nation,” said Davis.

Many folks are happy to welcome him home.

“I’m glad he’s going to be spending some more time here,” said Chicory Café owner Andrew Schreiber.

“He has some really unique ideas and perspectives. He’s young. He has lots of energy, and those of us who are older, we need some young blood,” said long-time South Bend resident, Dianne Greaves, laughing.

For now, Mayor Pete is heading back to the bend, but time will tell where he ends up.

“He’s in a position now where he is the number one democrat in Indiana, and what he decides to do or not do is going to decide a lot in this state,” said Ed Joyce.

Some of Mayor Pete’s supporters will welcome him back to South Bend at the airport tomorrow at 5 p.m.

ABC 57 News will be there.

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