South Bend residents still waiting for power to return

Monday’s freezing rain and wind storm proved too powerful for power lines across Michiana.

Among many impacted neighborhoods, River Park in South Bend dealt with downed trees and fallen power lines.

In an alleyway between 35th and 36th Streets, just off Hastings St., a tree was blown over, took down multiple power lines with it and destroyed two nearby garages.

“My fiancé was actually home and he heard the big crash,” Moranda Hegedus, whose garage was destroyed, said.

Nobody was injured in the fall, but power was knocked out for the whole block just after 8 p.m. Monday.

“That tree has been kind of weak in the back,” Hegedus said. “And [the wind] pulled it out by the roots.”

As of Tuesday evening, Hegedus’ street was still without power and the tree remained where it fell.

“It was about 70 degrees in [my house] before [the tree fell],” Hegedus said. “Now it’s 50 degrees.”

Her story is one of many across Michiana, as utility crews continue to work on downed power lines.

At the storm’s peak, nearly 7,000 customers were left in the dark in St. Joseph County, and more than 12,000 customers were without power in Berrien County.

As for Hegedus, who is pregnant and due in February, she said she was leaving her house until the power came back on.

“We’re gonna go stay with our family tonight,” she said.

Indiana Michigan Power said it hopes to have all of South Bend’s power restored, in full, by Thursday afternoon or evening.

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