South Bend Schools honoring baseball legend with commemorative games

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The South Bend Community School Corporation is honoring baseball legend Jackie Robinson with a series of games on their home fields. 

From April 15-21, the School Corporation’s baseball and softball teams will play local competitors to commemorate Robinson, the first African American to play in major league baseball. The teams are also playing to bring awareness to the contribution of minority athletes.

Robinson is known for breaking the “color line” when he started as a first baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947.

Jackie Robinson Day was established as an annual tradition on April 15, 2004. During this tradition, every player on each team wears Robinson’s retired number, 42, on their uniform.

This year’s games are open to the public for $4.20 a ticket. Any amount surpassing the ticket price will be donated to develop the district’s new kindergarten through fourth grade Athletics and Sports Program.

“To begin this tradition within our district, together with our partners at the South Bend Cubs, is a tremendous opportunity for our athletes, coaches, and community,” said Milton Lee, director of community programs and athletics. “In this inaugural series of games, we’re looking forward to honoring students who embody the spirit of sportsmanship and social justice that Robinson shared through his legacy. We’re also looking forward to using this celebration to further our own athletic and leadership development for students of all ages.”

Below is a list of dates and times for each game:

April 15

  • 5 p.m.
    • Riley v. LaVille baseball
    • 5001 S. Miami St., South Bend
  • 7 p.m.
    • Adams v. Mishawaka baseball
    • 808 S. Twyckenham Drive, South Bend  

April 19

  • 5 p.m.
    • Adams v. New Prairie softball
    • 52900 Lily Road, South Bend
  • 5:30 p.m.
    • Clay v. Elkhart baseball
    • 19131 Darden Road, South Bend

April 21

  • 5:30 p.m.
    • Clay v. New Prairie softball
    • 19131 Darden Road, South Bend

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