South Bend schools to vote on Focus 2018 plan

NOW: South Bend schools to vote on Focus 2018 plan


SOUTH BEND, In. -- Monday is the day that many have been waiting for.  It's the day that the South Bend Community School Corporation is set to vote on whether to implement the Focus 2018 plan. 

The plan was announced back in November, and would change many things about South Bend schools.

Greene Intermediate, Brown Intermediate and Eggleston schools would close.

Perley Fine Arts, Clay Intermediate, and Marshall Intermediate schools would be re-purposed, in order to maximize space due to the low enrollment rates across the area.

Fifth graders would head back to elementary school, leaving middle schools filled with students only from grades six through eight. 

Students would also be assigned to the schools, closest to where they live.

Elementary school students would also have a longer school day, in order to get in as much instruction as possible.

Intermediate students would have later wake-up times, to go along with the later start times, to help them learn better.

The school system says, that decision was based off of brain research.

This is a highly controversial issue, that has been discussed many times, during the numerous public hearings that have occurred since the announcement.

The vote will be held at 5:30 p.m., Monday evening at the school administration building in Downtown South Bend.

Even if the plan does pass, it still needs to be reviewed by the Department of Justice, before the schools can implement the changes.

Stay with ABC57 News for the latest information about this proposal. 

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