South Bend street crews filling in potholes

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Between patching potholes and plowing the snow, the South Bend Streets Department has been busy this winter.

"It's basically just been a nightmare for us between snow plowing and pothole patching, it has been very difficult," said John Pemberton Jr., Manager of the Streets Department.

Potholes are everywhere - and some are so large they could damage cars.

"Public safety is our number one priority so whatever it takes to get it done is what we are doing," said Pemberton.

This winter has forced crews to work more this year than they ever expected.

"If you are going to go by years past we are probably exceeded what we are normally at the entire year as of right now," said Pemberton.

The roller coaster of deep freeze and thaw keeps crews busy.

With warm weather on the way, Pemberton looks forward to getting caught up with all the potholes.

"Wherever you go there are going to be potholes. But we will be caught up on it soon," said Pemberton.

The patch they are using to fill the potholes is only temporary.

"The asphalt plants won't open up for another month or so and when that happens we will be able to get a different type of material that will be more of a permanent patch and then we will start our street paving program and we concentrate on the worst streets of the city and go from there," said Pemberton.


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