South Bend's Madison Street holds annual 4th of July Block Party

NOW: South Bend’s Madison Street holds annual 4th of July Block Party

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Madison Street in South Bend held its annual 4th of July Block Party today, a tradition for neighbors to come together, hold a bike parade, share food, light some sparklers, and spend time with family and friends. 

This year, local firefighters brought their fire truck out to have a place where kids could cool off in the water. 

"It starts with a bike race or bike parade. And then we do we just have Food City now. We just all hang out and talk for a little bit in the street. Sometimes the fire department comes out with the hose. And that's pretty fun for the kids," says Sarah Rodriguez, one of the event organizers.

Rodriguez continues, "I'd encourage other people to set up something similar for any holiday or just, you know, just because I don't know, it's really cool to get to know your neighbors. And that's really made it awesome and special living here, especially for the kids."

And while the event takes place on Madison Street, organizers say everyone is welcome. 

"Yeah, the more the merrier. So yeah, we like to have as many people, the kids really have fun. So, it's always fun to see," finishes Rodriguez. 

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