South Bend's trash cans go high-tech

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- South Bend's trash cans are going high tech. The city has started putting tracking chips on all 32,000 trash cans given to residents in order to keep track of them all. They expect the program to save the city and residents a lot of headaches.

"What we're explaining to people is the city is trying to do better service and this technology will help us know when we came to your home, when the last time we serviced you and things of that nature," said Andre Price, Solid Waste Superintendent.

Disappearing trash cans are a problem for the city of South Bend. Some blow away, some just get broken, but many others are stolen.

Becky Skinner Delivered trash cans to residents whose cans have disappeared or been stolen. There's an 8-month waiting list for a new trash can.

"They are really excited. I feel like Santa because they're like 'I got a trash can and I've been calling for a year.' and I was like, 'Well you got one now!'" said Skinner.

The chip helps the city locate your can wherever it is.

The plastic chip contains tracking technology that can be read by the garbage truck. It means the city knows where your can is at all times, even when it's not on your curb.

It will also help the city keep track of where garbage trucks have been.

"We get a lot of homeowners who call from work and say I'm not sure if the trash guy's been here or not and with the click of a button our ladies in our office can go back and say, 'No ma'am the truck has not serviced you,' or 'You did miss us. We serviced your neighbors at this time,'" said Price.

The city is working hard to get a trash can out to everyone on the waiting list. If you don't have a can and want one, call 3-1-1.

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