Spring Organic Gardening Classes

Grow $700 dollars worth of fresh produce in just 10×10 feet?  Bill can teach you how!

It has been proven that you can grow up to $700 worth of fresh produce in just 100 square feet (10×10 feet). Imagine growing enough food to feed your family for most of the year in just a 10×10 ft space. And Spring is the second best time to get started.

Bill Griffin, a local native and the owner of Griffins Organics, has been growing food organically for over 45 years. He has been growing produce by this method for over 25 years. The eight-week class has very little theory and is mostly “get down and get your hands dirty” type practical info. On an actual small farm.

Cost covers the two books used in the class and up to 5 packets of seeds from Bill’s personal seed collection.  Clasesl cover everything from basic garden bed preparation, to pest control, to tool selection, to methods to extend your growing season. Seating is limited.

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