St. Joseph County working to fix tornado sirens

NOW: St. Joseph County working to fix tornado sirens

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- St. Joseph County officials reported that the area’s tornado siren test executed earlier in April helped identify six sirens that are currently out of service.

Over 200 calls and 80 texts were received by the county following the test that helped determine which tornado sirens are not currently working and are in need of repairs.

“This is a system that is installed outside. They’re on 60-foot concrete posts. The system is 22 years old. So, imagine any electrical component that that you sit outside for any length of time. You know the differential temperature, moisture, just the abuse of the elements is really now starting to show up on this system,” said John Antonucci, Director of Emergency Management Agency for St. Joseph County.

With only 61 of the county’s 67 tornado sirens in current operational condition, officials are working to acquire parts needed to get the area’s warning system back to 100 percent efficiency.

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