St. Joseph County residents frustrated over leaf pickup issues

NOW: St. Joseph County residents frustrated over leaf pickup issues

GRANGER, Ind.--- Today St. Joseph County residents in the Park Forest neighborhood expressed their frustration about the leaves piling up in front of their homes.

Residents said this is the second year in a row that the St. Joseph recycling company, previously known as Greenworld, has not picked up their leaves in a timely manner. One neighbor said when the leaves pile up it makes the streets narrower, resulting in potential hazards.

“I’m concerned about the leaves not being picked up by the St. Joseph County leaf recycling company,” said Fred Kantner. "They promised to do it two times this year; we’ve only had one pick up pass. And we’re expecting the other one anytime soon, but I don’t think they’re even coming because it’s getting late here in the season, so if the snow is coming down they don’t want to pick up.”

Residents mentioned that the roads become narrow as the leaves pile up and snow covers them, which causes their cars to have a hard time getting past one another on the street.

“They pile leaves on both sides of the street and it’s just hard to pass another car on the streets,” said another resident George Wachs. "The leaves will be here like last year until the snow comes on top of them, and that creates a problem. It’s just a mess.”

The St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners informed ABC57 that the crew finished up multiple townships and is currently working their way to Clay and Harris Township as long as weather permits.

The board mentioned to keep in mind that all leaf pickups are weather and temperature dependent.

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